Sarasota Property Tax
Breaking Down Your Tax Bill

Sarasota Property Tax is based on the average market value (aka "Just Value") of your property. The market value is reassessed every year as of January 1st, by the property appraiser's office.

Your taxes are lower if you own property in the county than if you own property in one of the county's cities.

Sarasota county's cities (Long Boat Key, City of Sarasota, City of Venice, Northport ) all have additional taxes that support the specific municipality.

For example: In Sarasota county, your taxes are roughly 1.5% of the average market value. But, if your home is located in the City of Sarasota then the taxes are closer to 2% of the average market value.

Depending on what neighborhood you live in there may also be specific neighborhood assessments that are included in your tax bill.

Consult the Millage chart on the tax collector's site for details of what is included in the property tax bill for the various municipalities Sarasota Property Tax Millage Rates.

The property appraiser's office establishes three values for each parcel of real estate:

  • Market (aka "Just") Value
  • Assessed Value
  • Taxable Value are derived through through the various exemptions such as the homestead exemption.

    Consult the Sarasota County Property Appraiser's Office for details of how they arrive at the values.

    Additionally, if you qualify and file for a homestead exemption you will save money on your property taxes.

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