Sarasota Fl Weather
What is it like to live here?

Although Sarasota Fl weather averages 72°F / 22°C, we often experience cold fronts that bring temperatures at night into 50's during the winter months of December, January & February. During the day it can reach the high 60's to low 70's. The beach is still beautiful but unless your pool is heated you will probably not be going for a swim.

The best climate is in March, April, May and June when temperature is in the 80's and not humid. This is when it is really fabulous to live here.

July, August and September are the hottest months of the year, when temperatures reach in the low 90's°. Summer is also the wettest season of the year. Late afternoon showers are very common.

Although living here in the summer can be hot - swimming in the gulf or taking a dip in many of the area's pools is fabulous! Additionally the city empties out in the summer. Many of the "snow birds" go home - leaving it less congested and very easy to get around.

The active months for Sarasota real estate are February through June - prices tend to be a little higher because there are more buyers. Thinking of buying a home here, please give us a call 941-312-1845.

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